Friday, 28 January 2011

She & Him - Don't Look Back

A video this time, and it's the new single release of Don't Look Back from She & Him, who are of course Zooey Deschanel (pause to sigh...) and Matt Ward for the ladies. He's not bad, I guess.

This is the latest track to come from Volume Two, which was first released in spring 2010 and is still going strong. I actually really like this song, so it's great to see it get its own release - and the video's a lot of fun, too.

High Points

The entire song is quite literally a high point - it's so upbeat, in that all-American 1950s kind of way, that it almost hurts. That's kinda cool though and my trademark suggestion of which movie soundtrack it would fit on is... That Thing You Do! (the exclamation mark's part of the title - I'm not trying to big myself up). But I kinda like that film, so it's OK.

There are two other major high points to Don't Look Back, which are Zooey and Matt. They're really quite excellent, aren't they? The video (which you might have spotted below) is deliberately quirky - particularly the intro - but it's nice to see the pair's personality show through, rather than being toned down for a mass market.

The Verdict

Well, I've already said I like Don't Look Back, so it's gonna come as no surprise if I praise it here. On the other hand, I can see how it might get annoying after a few plays - so buy the album, or stick it on a playlist with a few other songs, and make it one that you celebrate when it comes along, rather than one you loop to destruction.

Final Score: 71%

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