Thursday, 27 January 2011

Love Inks - Blackeye

Fresh in from our friends at Work It Media, we have a preview of upcoming Austin, Texas exports Love Inks and their album track Blackeye. It's not due out for a while - the record doesn't have a confirmed release date yet, but is expected some time in the summer on the Hell, Yes! label.

For now that's about all the information there is, other than the song itself. You can listen to it below (click 'Read more' if you can't see the player) and I really suggest you give it a couple of play-throughs. It won't take long - the track's only 1:54 (although there seems to be a bonus second on the embedded player below) - but you'll find it soon starts to get inside your head like that girl you saw on the train this morning with the slightly wonky mouth but a cute smile. Or is that just me...?

What's going on here?

Well, what do you think? It's kinda cute, if you ask me. Dance-style repetition makes it prime for a remix, which I'd actually quite like to hear while on the dancefloor. This is proper old-school groove and pretty sexy, too, with kittenish vocals. If that sounds like a heady mix - well, you can listen to the track yourself and decide.

What I do think, though, is that I'd probably enjoy a full album by Love Inks - the music's catchy, the lyrics are easy enough to learn and Blackeye's patently hummable. Hopefully the full record will have a bit of variety and a few tracks with a bit more oomph, to keep things from getting boring, but apart from that I'm looking forward to the summer.

I'll hold off on a final score until the summer - this is just a preview, after all - but if you like what you hear you can keep track of Love Inks on a few social networks (details at their website).

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