Monday, 6 October 2014

Twin Peaks to return in 2016...?

Amazingly, it looks like a third series of Twin Peaks is on the way.

This is amazing news whether you like the show or not, when you consider that the pilot episode was first broadcast in 1990 - that's a terrifying 24 years ago for those of us who were around then to see it.

A second series followed in 1991, and the movie, Fire Walk With Me, came in 1992.

Since then it's all been quiet, and fans have had to make do with re-runs, DVD box sets and the genuinely awesome soundtrack CD.

That is, until David Lynch tweeted the following:

Just in case you can't view the YouTube video in that, we've embedded it here below:

OK it's not much to go on, but fans already seem convinced it's more than just a full re-run of the original series.

Will we see the return of Agent Dale Cooper and all of the other characters who made the show one of the strangest things to ever hit TV screens? Let's hope so.

And in the meantime, there's just enough time to watch the original series and remind yourself of what to expect... if they get it right, it could be a hell of a nostalgia trip for some of us.