Monday, 3 January 2011

New Year's Honours - Trevor Horn, Richard Thompson, Annie Lennox

Each year, some of the most well-deserving individuals across the UK are recognised with New Year's Honours. They might be long-serving teachers, or fundraisers, or philanthropists, or successful figures in the world of business. But there are also those who are recognised for their services to entertainment - for creating the film, music and television that shapes our childhood and keeps us from getting bored as we grow older.

The 2011 list is no different, with seven per cent of the honours going to figures from the world of art and the media. We've picked out just a few of the most notable music personalities below to profile - just in case you didn't already know who they are. Click the link to read more.

The Producer - Trevor Horn CBE

Record producer Trevor Horn becomes a CBE in recognition of his prolific career in the music industry. Horn's discography reads as a vast who's who of the industry stretching back to 1977. Most recently, his works include Shame by Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow. For an insight into Horn's genius - even if you don't buy it, just take a look at the incredible track listing - check out Produced By Trevor Horn.

The Folk Singer - Richard Thompson OBE

I'm delighted to see Richard Thompson make the list this year. He may be listed as a folk singer in every single reference out there, but Thompson's music strays into country on more than one occasion. My personal highlight is Turning of the Tide, an energetic but slightly sorrowful tale of the loss of physical beauty by a woman who has relied on her looks for companionship throughout her youthful years. Get the essential introduction to what Thompson is all about with Action Packed - The Best Of The Capitol Years.

The Songstress - Annie Lennox OBE

Annie's a bit of a strange entry on the list, as she's not technically being recognised for her considerable musical talents. Instead, her OBE is for her charity work - but we can look beyond that fact, can't we? It's hard to know where to start with Annie Lennox, so I suggest you just click on her name to follow her artist link. If you do want an album worthy of buying in full, I'd suggest Songs of Mass Destruction. It's actually the only full Annie CD in my collection and it's a fine display of her vocal ability, as well as a good chance to hear some of her more modern work in place of the Eurythmics classics that often get trotted out when her name is mentioned.

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