Friday, 28 January 2011

Clinic - Bubblegum

If you haven't yet heard Bubblegum by Clinic - the album, that is - then the single release of the titular track is the perfect excuse to familiarise yourself with their work.

Out on January 31st as a digital bundle and 12" vinyl EP, the song and its remixes offer a variety of takes on the track that gives the album Bubblegum its name - a lofty position for any one song to occupy, but one that Bubblegum carries off reasonably well. Read on for a preview of all five tracks and a free download of the Pional "Jump The Gun" bonus mix.

High Points

The original mix of Bubblegum is stylish and full of its own personality, from the funky opening guitar riff to the Mexican-sounding brass blare that follows. This would not sound at all out of place on the soundtrack of Desperado or From Dusk Till Dawn, which personally I think is a good thing. It's not totally soundtracky though, so don't worry - the low-fi sound to the vocals grabs the attention and draws the listener into the world that Bubblegum seems to spin.

Special praise goes to the Pional "Jump The Gun" bonus mix, which POPSICULTURE's own Dansquad points out sounds a lot like the noise we once heard a drunk produce using only his tongue and teeth. That was a weird night. But as well as evoking sentimentality for the good old days, this version of Bubblegum put a smile on my face in its own right. It's quite different from the original - and at two minutes longer, is still the shortest of the remixes - but it hangs on to the distinctive style of its sibling.

The Verdict

I wasn't sure I'd like this song. Even when it started playing, there was a moment where I thought it might be too similar to a lot of music that's already out there. But there's just enough personality there to make sure that isn't the case. Instead there's a stylish composition - and equally stylish remixes - that won me over despite myself, which is always a nice feeling.

Overall, I'd say listen to the preview and give serious thought to downloading if you like what you hear. Personally, I'll be checking out the rest of Bubblegum the album just as soon as I get my chance.

Final Score: 74%

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