Monday, 1 November 2010

Mitch Benn - Proud of the BBC

OK, we're ten years into the new millennium now, and something's been missing... anyone know what it is? The photo of a comedian holding a guitar in front of the TARDIS should be a clue. That's right - we haven't had a decent novelty song in AGES.

Mitch Benn's Proud of the BBC goes some way towards restoring normal service in that area, but to be honest, there's real pride in there - I think he might actually really mean it. So if this isn't a novelty record, what exactly is it? Well, as someone who is himself very, very proud of the BBC - and the NHS, and all those other things that made Great Britain great in the first place and continue to be taken for granted today - I think this might actually be a protest song. It's like a rally cry to supporters of Auntie to get it together and save a national institution.

Either way, it's both moving and amusing - and the Twitter crowd are definitely behind it today, November 1st, the day of its release. Popsiculture will be looking out for this one in the charts - could the aptly named Mr Benn knock a certain Ms Cole off of the number one spot? I could get behind that...

Watch the video below and click here to download Mitch Benn - Proud of the BBC

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