Monday, 1 November 2010

DVD & Blu-ray Round Up: Predators

Okay film fans, I've been neglecting my weekly DVD and Blu-ray round up for too long now. Last week I missed the big release of Iron Man 2, and a couple of killer Blu-ray box-sets in the form of Alien Anthology and the 25th Anniversary digitally remastered, goodie-packed Back to the Future Trilogy Collectors Tin. Don't ask any more questions, just buy that one right now.

We can't keep living in the past though, so on to this week's batch of Doovdés. The big Hollywood release is Predators Robert Rodriguez' updated take on the 80s action/horror franchise. Bob gave you his verdict on the blog back in July, and I can't really fault his logic there.

A beefed up Adrien Brody steps into Arnie's boots, and despite the weight of that expectation he makes a surprisingly effective action hero. He leads a rag-tag gang of human "warriors" who are transported to a mysterious jungle planet where they find themselves hunted by the eponymous Predators.

Of course, Brody's character Royce isn't content to run around this game reserve and get picked off by the dreadlocked ones. Well, he does that for a while as his party dwindles around him, but ultimately he has to take the fight to the aliens and maybe even get back to Earth in the process. The plot twists and turns its way to a thrilling finale, as Royce channels the spirit of a mud-covered Arnie. How could he lose?

Elsewhere this week Family Guy shows no sign of losing its touch, now on series nine. And to think that Fox nearly deprived us of the last six seasons of America's funniest show, nice one Murdoch. If the Griffins' risqué humour is not your thing though Harry Hill also returns with his brilliant TV Burp Gold 3 DVD. Good clean fun.

Disney are going big on the Blu-ray release of Beauty and the Beast this week too, and Mark Kermode will be delighted to finally see Dougal and the Blue Cat on DVD.

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