Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Diana Vickers - My Wicked Heart CD release

Hey Diana Vickers fans, just a reminder that My Wicked Heart is now available in physical CD format, if you want one of your very own to hold on to. You can get the four-track CD, which includes the original song and remixes, from Amazon here.

But think carefully - do you want remixes, or do you want her campfire version? It's a brilliant laid-back spin on an upbeat track and proves the versatility of Vickers and of My Wicked Heart. It's the B-side on the digital download and you can get it at iTunes here.

If you're not convinced My Wicked Heart can work as a campfire singalong, you obviously need to practise your whoops-a-daisies. Here's your chance to get started with a sneak preview of the campfire-style My Wicked Heart...

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