Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!

Popsiculture hasn't covered I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! before, so we'll have a little recap of the first two days.

The Premise

Five male and five female out-of-work celebrities were deposited into the purpose-built jungle camps and immediately pitted against each other in the very predicably named 'Camp Bruce' and 'Camp Sheila'.

Camp Bruce

Nigel Havers (posh actor)
Shaun Ryder (music legend)
Linford Christie (ex-athlete)
Lembit Opik (ex-MP, ex-Cheeky Girl boyfriend)
Aggro Santos (no idea. I think he may have won a competition to appear on the show)

Camp Sheila

Britt Ekland (old actress)
Sheryl Gascoine (ex-wife of fishing-rod owner and lover of fried chicken, Paul Gascoine)
Gillian McKeith (fake doctor, poo poker)
Stacey Solomon (X-Factor loser)
Kayla Collins (Gail Porter's replacement, Playboy 'model')

The Story So Far...

Gillian McFake is scared of everything, can't pretend-faint convincingly (she pulled her T-shirt down as she swooned), jumps at the slightest movement and I cannot believe for one minute that she agreed to take part in this show to "confront her fears". She could have done that on Celebrity Cash In The Attic with the spiders in her loft (she's also scared of heights - two birds with one stone...)

My top moment of the first two days has to be watching Shaun Ryder observe a manic fire-lighting attempt (20 minutes, a flint, some straw) only to spark up a ciggy with his own lighter. Brilliant!

There have been a few random snakes and bugs removed from the camp, Sheryl is starting to open up about her relationship with Gazza (is there anything left to tell?), Kayla appears to have a highly tuned bullshit-o-meter, Aggro isn't living up to his name and believes that marshmallows are the food of the Gods after 36 hours of depravity, Nigel is becoming more grumpy by the minute, Linford waxes lyrical about all drug-taking athletes needing life bans from the sport yet fails to remember his own ban for drug taking and Stacey is very sweet.

More updates soon!

When's It On?

I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! is on ITV every night at whatever time ITV deem fit either 9pm or 10pm so it's always worth checking the schedule.


dansquad said...

Welcome to Popsiculture Nickie!!

Stacey to win! Right? I wouldn't mind 36 hours of depravity with her ;)

Nickie @ Typecast said...

Haha Dan! I think Stacy has a really good chance to be honest but Linford is a close second at the moment. I'm rooting for Shaun whilst he's still in there though!!

And thanks for the warm welcome :-)

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