Saturday, 26 February 2011

Dragon Age 2 - Preview

Though sadly unlikely to reach the heights of the original Baldurs Gate, at least in my head (hey I was 13 when it came out and it blew my mind), a new Dragon Age game is the next best thing in my gaming world. I spent something like 90 hours game time on Origins, and actually, I haven't even completed it yet (must get round to that).

In any case this sequel promises to be even more epic, more exciting, more challenging, and looking at the concept art even more beautiful than the first. The full game doesn't drop until March 11th, but I have played the PC demo which Bioware posted online this week, and very encouraging it is too.

The demo lets you play through the prologue, and will probably take you around an hour to complete. Your reward if you do so is a free (virtual) sword, and if the demo gets 1 million total downloads Bioware will release another two extra in game items.


Instead of a Grey Warden, in Dragon Age 2 you will play Hawke, a human (you can still chose gender and class) who begins the demo fleeing Lothering with his family in tow to escape the Blight (yes the same one from Origins).

From these humble beginnings we know that Hawke will rise to become 'the Champion of Kirkwall' and the most important person in the world of Dragon Age. We don't yet know how.


It looks as if very little fundamental has changed from Origins, you'll still be managing a party of up to 4 warriors, mages or rogues as you set out on your new journey.

The mechanics of combat are more or less unchanged, but battle somehow feels faster and more involving in this game. Good if you like action, slightly less satisfying for a strategic battle commander like myself.

One definite change for the better though is the talent trees, which instead of being linear are now set out like webs, making character development and specialisation a bit more flexible. Basically, you can get to the talents that you want to give your characters in fewer steps, without feeling like you are wasting level-ups on talents you'll never use.


Everything about this demo, and everything I've read about Dragon Age 2 convinces me that we are in for a real treat when it's released on March 11th. I will certainly be getting my copy as soon as possible. In fact I might go pre-order it right now.

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