Saturday, 26 February 2011

Singles Round Up: Dum Dum Girls - He Gets Me High

So Adele stormed both the singles and album charts this week following her remarkable performance at the Brits, and it looks like she might well stay top again tomorrow. There are no big challenges to that dominance coming out this week, but there are a one or two very good smaller releases. Dum Dum Girls are our pick of the lot.

Dum Dum Girls - He Gets Me High
Dan: He Gets Me High is a 4 track EP in truth, but we'll treat it as a single here. The title track is a really nice piece of Spector-esque indie girl-pop, all swirly blustering guitars and sweet underlying melodies. Dee Dee's clear vocals have a very 80s sound to them, she's often been compared to Susana Hoffs of the Bangles, but she sounds a lot like Blondie on this track. Also on the EP is a cover of the Smiths classic There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.
» Dum Dum Girls on iTunes

Alesha Dixon ft. Jay Sean - Every Little Part of Me
Bobble: This seems a bit grittier than Alesha's previous solo work - it's a mature sound and a typically gutsy performance, and the partnership with Jay Sean works well. Another decent effort from one of my personal favourites.
» Alesha Dixon ft. Jay Sean - Every Little Part Of Me on iTunes

Brother - Darling Buds of May
Dan: Brother define themselves as 'gritpop', apparently a new darker variation of Britpop for the 21st century. Hard to see from this track how it actually differs from the 90s model though. Pleasant enough, and if you still have a copy of Definitely Maybe in rotation on your stereo then chances are you'll like this.
» Brother - Darling Buds of May on iTunes

Katy Perry ft. Kanye West - E.T.
Bobble: It's not her best effort, and the remix doesn't do great things for it, but E.T. is funky and catchy - I can easily imagine this one getting better and better the more you hear it, especially if you're someone who spends Friday and Saturday nights on the dancefloor.
» Katy Perry ft. Kanye West - ET on iTunes

Chilly Gonzalez - You Can Dance
Dan: You Can Dance, well you won't be able to stop yourself on listening to this infectious little disco number. Sultry female vocals and an insistent funk beat, underpinned by Gonzalez' accomplished jazz piano combine to make a really great dance track. You've got to love Chilly Gonzalez.
» Chilly Gonzalez - You Can Dance on iTunes

Hurts - Sunday
Bobble: The last time we encountered Hurts on Popsiculture was as iTunes' free Christmas single of the week back in December. Sunday is a moody new effort that starts slow - and doesn't sound particularly original at first - but builds to a big finish, with near-anthemic qualities. Not bad at all.
» Hurts - Sunday on iTunes

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