Monday, 24 December 2012

Dec 24th: Cascada - Last Christmas

First of all, an admission - I don't really like Last Christmas (yeah yeah, I know, bah humbug and all that).

But I do like Cascada. Probably because she's pretty, but also just because she seems fun, and I always want to give her a massive hug.

Cascada's version of Last Christmas might not be revolutionary, but it's a perfectly acceptable way to pass four minutes - especially if, like me, you don't like the original version.

It's also kinda nice to see that this is still the go-to song for generic Christmas dance covers, almost 20 years after Whigfield murdered it to death (but weirdly, I still love Whigfield too. Must be the nostalgia...).

Cascada's version is actually from an entire album full of Cascada Christmas songs - praise the lord!

You can download It's Christmas Time via the iTunes button below.

It's Christmas Time - Cascada

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