Friday, 14 December 2012

Dec 14th: Kim Wilde - Kids in America, Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

If you're a child of the 80s like me, the prospect of Kim Wilde doing anything is pretty exciting - and a drunk Kim Wilde singing a couple of her most famous hits on the London Underground is about as good as it gets.

Here, Kim sings Kids in America, followed by Rocking Around the Christmas Tree, and while she may have had a few drinks, her Christmas message at the end of Katherine Eames' YouTube video (see below) has some wise words for us all.

As Kim points out, she's mostly being ignored by the people sitting around her, who have their heads buried in their phones.

But Ms Eames was among those who recognised the former singing superstar, now a radio host, and joined in with her singalong.

The video, and the response it has received on social networks and across the web as a whole, pretty much sum up the spirit of Christmas - making it a worthy addition to our advent calendar posts this year.

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