Thursday, 17 March 2011

Thomas Tantrum - Sleep, out March 27th

A bit of a booty bag of Thomas Tantrum goodies here today, as the countdown to the release of their single Sleep hits the ten-day mark. Below you can check out the video to the single version, as well as the Band of Skulls remix that's making waves out there, which is available to download via SoundCloud.

If you like what you hear, it's worth also checking out the Thomas Tantrum website, where the EP Birdsong, recorded at the end of 2010, is still available for free download. What a generous bunch they are...

Thomas Tantrum on iTunes
Thomas Tantrum

The Video

The single version of Sleep is way cool - classy vocals and lots of character. It's at least as good as Florence + The Machine, and way better than Paloma Faith. Will it do as well as either of those? It could do, if enough fans throw their support behind it, but it's gonna take a lot of word-of-mouth...

The Remix

The Band of Skulls remix actually changes the song quite a lot - it's got a very different vibe to it, with a collision of rock and trancefloor influences. I think the remix is better if you already know the song, personally, but it's a pretty sweet way to spend nearly-three minutes of your life either way.

The Birdsong EP

For the free Birdsong EP, you'll need to sign up to the Thomas Tantrum mailing list at the band's official website - scroll to the bottom and enter your details, then sit back and wait for your inbox to refresh.

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