Sunday, 13 March 2011

Singles Round Up: Patrick Wolf - The City

After a bumper crop of singles last time round, this week looks a little thin by comparison. There are still one or two gems out there though.

Patrick Wolf - The City
Bobble: This song gets better every time I hear it. It's sweet and simple, with really strong music and vocals. I don't think it's just the title that makes me think of Iglu & Hartly's In This City - both are uplifting and anthemic, optimistic messages of hope and happiness that could apply to any one of us. This is a song to be used, either to keep you in a good mood or to banish a bad one - or just to belt out in the car on the drive to the beach. Bring on summer!
» Patrick Wolf - The City on iTunes

Nicole Scherzinger - Don't Hold Your Breath
Dan: Pussycat-in-chief, and Lewis Hamilton squeeze Nicole Scherzinger's last effort Poison was a real grower, thanks mainly to it's big, infuriatingly catchy chorus. Don't Hold Your Breath is everything Poison would have been without that, a solid piece of highly charged dance-pop, but pretty forgettable.
» Nicole Scherzinger - Don't Hold Your Breath on iTunes

Duffy - My Boy
Bobble: There's something about Duffy that I just love. It's not purely about her music, or just the way she looks, or even any combination of the two. My Boy is probably not her best song ever, but it's still pretty good - and as Dan pointed out when we listened to this one, she sounds a bit more Welsh than usual (although that might be because we chose a live version...). Effortless vocals and Bond-like backing strings make for a moody and mature song that'll grow on you the more you hear it.
» Duffy - My Boy on iTunes

Ladytron - Ace of Hz
Bobble: Nice idea, but the title of this should be pronounced "Ace of hurts", not "Ace of hearts". Maybe we can let that one slide, as the SI unit of frequency deserves its place in the title of this electronic masterpiece, a post-modern Gothic composition with an equally atmospheric video evoking artistic influences such as John William Waterhouse's Ophelia. If you liked Where The Wild Roses Grow, welcome to the 21st-century equivalent.
» Ladytron - Ace of Hz on iTunes

The Wanted - Gold Forever
Dan: This is the official single for Comic Relief, which means The Wanted have a chance to let loose and engage in some crazy it's-all-for-charity style kookiness in the video. Which would be fine if it wasn't allied to such a boring, po-faced boy-band love ballad. Buy it for Comic Relief if you must.
» The Wanted - Gold Forever on iTunes

George Michael - True Faith
Bobble: It's always good to hear a charity song that's a bit different. True Faith definitely manages to break the mould and is a good balance between George's own usual sound and that of the original New Order version - let's hope it does well for Comic Relief, every penny counts.
» George Michael - True Faith on iTunes

Parade - Louder
Dan: With a little bit of the Spice Girls' newest-gang-in-town attitude, and a generous dollop of Sugababes' slightly more mature pop sound, Parade look like they could very well be the next big girl group in the UK. Louder is built heavily around an incendiary sing-along chorus, but the rest of the track lets it down slightly, especially the attempted rap section.
» Parade - Louder on iTunes

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