Friday, 18 November 2011

Lambchop - If Not I'll Just Die

Free Music Friday comes to a somewhat melancholy close with If Not I'll Just Die, from the upcoming Lambchop album Mr M.

The album's out on February 20th 2012, but you can hear the opening track below and download it for free, too. It's a rather sad tale - Kurt Wagner, singer-songwriter-guitarist, lost good friend Vic Chesnutt at Christmas in 2009, and turned his back on music for a while to cope with his grief. The result of his alternative artistic endeavours during that time is a series of artworks that accompany the tracks on Mr M.

In If Not I'll Just Die, Wagner has created what SoundCloud lists as 'alt country', but what I would say is a bluesy jazz number. It's atmospheric and filled with character, and Wagner's vocals suit the style perfectly. This is music at its best - music to make you feel, even if you didn't intend to. For me, February can't come fast enough.

You can grab If Not I'll Just Die for yourself at the City Slang SoundCloud page - please do, it's a beautiful composition.

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