Friday, 11 November 2011

Hyde & Beast - You Will Be Lonely

Hyde & Beast's You Will Be Lonely is out as a single on Monday - you may have heard it since mid-August, when their album Slow Down was released.

We've got streams of the track and the video below, so take the chance to acquaint yourself with You Will Be Lonely now if you haven't done so before.

You Will Be Lonely is a typically energetic example of Hyde & Beast's musical style, with strong instrumental and vocal motifs that will have your foot tapping and your lips singing along before your first listen-through is over.

Thanks to the miracles of mp3 downloads, you can already get the album version of You Will Be Lonely in the iTunes store - and look out for the single package from Monday, too.

You Will Be Lonely - Slow Down (Bonus Track Version)

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