Monday, 24 October 2011

The Coathangers - Hurricane/Johnny Flexidisc

One from our friends over at X-Ray Recordings today, the double A-side Flexidisc single from The Coathangers, featuring Hurricane and Johnny.

This is very much for those of you who like your music to come in a physical format. The transparent disc is hand-numbered and limited edition, so you own something truly unique - a far cry from digital downloads that can be reproduced almost at will.

What's it sound like?

Despite containing only two tracks, there's a decent variety of music on this disc. You can stream the songs below.

Hurricane is energetic and fast-paced, with vocals to match. It's not just noise, though - unlike some tracks with this kind of pacing, you can actually tell what words are being sung, and there's plenty of variation in tempo over the course of the track.

Johnny is perhaps a little more thoughtful, with a Flight of the Bumblebee-style intro that launches into the quirkiness of the track quite nicely. That being said, it's still tinged with the mania that makes The Coathangers a disturbing delight to listen to.

The Verdict

Hurricane and Johnny will not be everybody's cup of tea, but they certainly help to blast the cobwebs away on a Monday morning. Add to that the opportunity to own something that is not just limited edition, but hand-numbered, and this flexidisc becomes a pretty engaging prospect.

Personally, I love music in physical forms, whether it's vinyl LPs, audio cassettes, CDs or any other format. It's nice to hold something, knowing the potential it has to create sound. The more obscure the format, the better.

Hurricane/Johnny may be one for the collectors, but within its audience niche I imagine there are more than just a few people who'd enjoy having it in their hands, or on the shelf alongside their other rarities.

Final Score: 80%

Order Hurricane/Johnny from X-Ray Recordings, £3.75 and strictly limited edition.

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