Tuesday, 17 May 2011

O'Death - Bugs, out May 30th

Outside, the third album from New York quintet O'Death, isn't out till June 6th - but we've got a sneak preview of it below, in the form of Bugs. This is being released as a single on May 30th, so you've got a chance to get your hands on a little piece of the album for yourself, if you really can't wait.

What should we know about O'Death? Well, their vocalist is Greg Jamie, who also plays guitar. Gabe Darling takes banjo and ukelele, which goes some way to explaining the slight country style of some of their songs. The group is rounded out by drummer David Rogers-Berry, bassist Jesse Newman and violinist Robert Pycior.

They've had two LPs released already, but Outside - on City Slang records - is the true return from a one-year hiatus which ended with the group's appearance at Newport Folk Festival.

If you don't think Mumford & Sons are just a fad, and you're willing to accept that not everyone who sounds a bit similar is copying them, O'Death should prove pleasing to your ear. See what you think of Bugs, and keep a watchful eye out for our review of the album in the next couple of weeks.


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