Friday, 6 May 2011

Barbara Panther - Moonlight People

Kickstart your weekend with this sneak preview at Moonlight People from Barbara Panther. It's out on Monday and is track two on Panther's debut album - also called Barbara Panther - which is out on May 16th.

It's a good-looking video and a catchy song, if a little... well, weird. It's nice to see something like this get a single release, as it's not really mass-market. I was listening to the B-sides of Bic Runga's Sway this week and I have to say, Moonlight People would not sound a million miles out of place among them.

None of that is really criticism, however - there are far worse songs released every week of the year. Moonlight People will be a welcome peek into the upcoming album for some and isn't likely to have anyone desperate to switch off the radio, when it gets its airplay.


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