Saturday, 23 April 2011

Love Inks - E.S.P., out May 2nd

"You've got blackeye on your eye... you've got blackeye on your eye..." has to be one of the catchiest refrains of the spring so far. I've been singing it since we first previewed Love Inks' Blackeye back in January.

Now a few months have passed and it's time for the album, E.S.P., to hit Hell, Yes! records. Ahead of the May 2nd release date, Love Inks - vocalist Sherry LeBlanc, guitarist Adam Linnell and bassist Kevin Dehan - have released a video for Blackeye. If you didn't catch our preview at the start of the year, watch it below - but be warned, it'll stick in your head for ages.

Love Inks face a real test with the release of E.S.P. - Blackeye has been really well received, but the challenge will be to continue the catchiness without being accused of repetition - both within each song and across the full playlist. We'll be keeping an eye out for the response over the May Day weekend, and will keep you guys updated on how the album does.


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