Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Little Mix ft. Missy Elliott - How Ya Doin'?

Good god this is bad. I can't imagine why Missy Elliott would put her name to this, unless she's secretly Jesy's mum or something.

I'm not gonna lie - I don't like Little Mix. I don't like the way they were forced on to an impressionable young voting audience on The X Factor.

I don't like that Jesy is continually treated as if she's the only one that matters, like some kind of propaganda bundle who exists purely to disguise any flaws in the group's musical capabilities by making it all about 'girl power' (this is not 1995, and Little Mix are definitely not The Spice Girls).

And I really don't like the ADHD-style video for How Ya Doin'?, which seems to work on the assumption that as long as everything keeps moving, and fast, nobody will notice that the song is terrible.

Really, it is - take a look:

I'm appalled. Then again, I've been appalled by everything else I've ever heard Little Mix produce, so there's little surprise there.

Thanks go to Sarah Linney for pointing out that How Ya Doin'? is actually a cover version of Curiosity Killed the Cat's 1989 hit Name and Number, which reached number 14 in the UK.

If curiosity really did kill the cat, then it must be turning in its grave at this abomination of a cover version.

I stand by my initial reply to Sarah on Twitter, that How Ya Doin'? is an "abysmal clatterbash of unnecessary noise", while Little Mix are "about as 'street' as an aqueduct".

Mixers, if you really feel the need to defend your idols on this one, comments are open below - anything unnecessarily abusive will be removed, but I'm definitely open to debate.

Torture yourself, if you must, by buying How Ya Doin'? on iTunes:

Or click the button below to educate yourself and check out some more Curiosity Killed the Cat:

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