Wednesday, 20 February 2013

R H O D E S - M O R N I N G

When Alyssa Smith tells you to listen to a song, you listen to it - and that's how we just discovered R H O D E S (who we're going to call Rhodes from now on - it's just easier that way!).

M O R N I N G (which, again, we'll write as Morning from here on in...) is a recent addition to Rhodes' SoundCloud profile, and it's perfectly titled, bringing to mind lazy, sunny mornings when you wish time would stand still so you never had to get out of bed.

It's tagged under 'love', and that sentiment oozes from every line and lyric of Morning, and from every caramel-smooth fragment of vocal that's poured into this two-and-a-half-minute gem.

This isn't Rhodes' only SoundCloud addition though, so head over to his SoundCloud profile for more similarly sentimental and magically moving compositions - there are contact details on there too, if you feel like making Alyssa very happy by talent-spotting him.

Alter (play it above) contains perhaps the catchiest refrain of Rhodes' uploads so far, with the touching lyrics "It doesn't matter how long now/I'll wait for you somehow/I'll wait for you".

Its feeling of loneliness and loss is directly at odds with the story that underpins Morning, but for those of us who have tasted both the happiness and the hunger of love, it's not much of a stretch to reconcile the two into one and the same emotion.

Together with Falling, Rhodes' third upload, there's already the makings of an astounding EP here - this is certainly one artist worth watching.

Find Rhodes at:

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