Monday, 23 April 2012

Devin - Masochist

Devin's new single Masochist is out today, and you can preview it below.

It's proper guitar music, fast-paced and noisy from the get-go, and ideal for shutting out the world around you on the commute to school or work.

As for the vocals, well, Devin has the kind of voice you might expect to hear snarling from the front of a 1960s-70s rock group, the lyrics tripping from his tongue as though it were second nature to him - and to be fair, it probably is.

Masochist is available from April 23rd, a week ahead of Devin's upcoming album, Romancing, which should hit stores on April 30th.

But why wait for the album? If you love Masochist, you can buy the video now at iTunes - just click the button below.
Masochist - Devin

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