Monday, 26 September 2011

Waters - Out in the Light

Ramp up the energy levels with For The One, the rocktastic opening track to Waters' new album Out in the Light, released last week.

It's not all noise and bass - Out in the Light takes the listener on a journey from the more mass-market single-release candidates at its beginning, to the truly unique, mellow and introspective tracks that follow.

While there is no lack of energy at any point, and nothing feels like filler, this album is an unfolding work, like a photograph that comes into sharper focus the longer you look at it.

Spend a bit of time in the company of Waters and choose your own favourite tracks - you'll be humming them to yourself for days to come, I suspect.

Out In the Light (Bonus Track Version) - WATERS

High Points

For once, an album starts with a great track instead of building up to it - For The One is a proper rock-out, albeit a good-natured one. The video below gives a glimpse into the (slightly disturbed) inner workings of frontman Van Pierszalowski's sub-conscious. It's a careful combination of handmade visuals with professional-grade special effects that perfectly captures the "me, but not me" sensation of the dream state.

Listen through as far as track five and you're in for a more downbeat and mellowed-out experience in the form of Ones You Had Before. It's a much quieter, but no less intricate and thought-out affair than many of the other album tracks, and a great addition to the playlist that begins a mid-album chillout before the energy levels rise once again for the perfectly balanced middle ground of the finale.

Album Preview

Preview each track below, or click through to iTunes for more details about Out in the Light, and to buy your favourite tracks.

The Verdict

I think it's fair to characterise Out in the Light as good-natured rock - of the modern variety, not the sort that clings on to the stadium tours of the 1970s. There's a meekness to Waters that makes this album quite an inclusive listening experience - you're not expected to idolise Van Pierszalowski, just to listen to the musical stories he has to tell.

Development is good throughout the sequence of songs, making Out in the Light worthy of a listen from start to finish - from the high-octane opener we've previewed above, to more mellow interludes and introspective moments. If you like to find you're reflecting on aspects of your own personality and character while listening to music, this is a good choice of album for you.

That being said, the album already has a strong and clear character of its own, without becoming samey. This helps Out in the Light to work its way into your head - where you will find your body moving to its beat, and your inner voice singing it for days.

Final Score: 81%

Out In the Light (Bonus Track Version) - WATERS

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