Thursday, 14 July 2011

The Sound of Arrows - Magic, out July 25th

The Sound of Arrows continue their quest to make mini-movies, rather than simple music videos, with the wondrous four-minute story of Magic.

In a world whose adult inhabitants have vanished, we see events through childlike eyes as Lucas and Ana do the things normal kids might do - trash some stuff, raid the shops, and write a message in a bottle ("Mama and Papa, wherever you are, we are safe.").

Watch the video for the fairly astounding last two minutes of Magic - and try to make some sense of it for yourself. I found it strangely moving and very uplifting.

That's not all - because we're so generous, you can also check out the Chad Valley remix of Magic below. It's quite different from the original, but if nothing else it's a chance to work out some of the lyrics that aren't so easy to hear on the single version.

Head over to the The Sound of Arrows SoundCloud page to download the remix for free.

The single release of Magic is due out on July 25th.

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