Monday, 13 December 2010

Harald Gloockler: Prince of Fashion

The Harald Gloockler: Prince of Fashion show was a one-hour special on Living TV and, oh boy, was it special! Harald Gloockler is a German fashion designer who was filmed during his trip to London to show some of his haute couture designs in a fashion show at the Cafe de Paris.

If I asked you to imagine a photo fit of David Gest, Ali G, Cher Lloyd and Lesley Ash then dressed that person in clothes reminiscent of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, Prince in his 80s era and Max Wall then you would end up with Harald Gloockler.

Do you remember when you first watched Pineapple Studios and you weren't sure whether you were watching fact or fiction or stood on a blurred line between the two? Well Harald Gloockler: Prince of Fashion is much in the same vein. All his friends have faces that do not move from the cheekbones upwards and all have similarly elaborate ways of dressing. Lots of sparkles and leopard skin.

We learn that Harald has had a horrific childhood (his father killed his mother) and he wants to support a few charities that he is interested in (children's charities and animal charities). He visits a couple of places, creates a bit of media coverage and makes a personal donation.

Harald mentions that he cannot walk down the street like normal people because he is so famous and gets stared at all the time. That's not quite true. It would probably be because "normal people" can't quite believe what they are seeing.

There is so much more I could tell you about this programme but I'd really like you to watch it if/when it is repeated. We need more characters like Harald to brighten up this world. Or maybe we just need more programmes about people like Harald to brighten up this world. Too many of them on the streets would be a little disturbing.


Anonymous said...

Yeah I saw that too and had a similar reaction of wtf? Fascinating too and what struck me the most was how incredibly hard that guy works to create himself and hold all that together. I was exhausted by the end of it watching it from the safety of my couch. I'd be up for seeing more documentaries on interesting people like that ... I think ... lol ...

Jenll said...

I watched it too and thought he was brilliant!! he even has a slight sense of humour about himself and whilst tres extravigant his dresses are gorgeous!!

Not sure about Bridgette Nielson tho... ;)

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