Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Diana Vickers - My Wicked Heart

My Wicked Heart is a triumphant return for Diana Vickers to the singles charts and seems destined for big things - it's pushing the top ten at the time of writing, so will it make it into the single-figure positions?

Well, let's hope so - The Vickers is a little gem who was robbed of her place in The X Factor final by a mop-topped leering Irish runt named Jurgen, who even managed to steal the limelight in her final X Factor performance by running on to the stage and leching all over her as she tried to sing.

Perhaps I'm not remembering things so clearly, but I will never forgive him for robbing me of the chance to see Diana's version of Hallelujah - the song she seemed destined to perform on the show. Flash ahead to 2010 and her music career is going from strength to strength - Songs From the Tainted Cherry Tree was an accomplished debut album and The Vickers has carved herself not only a niche in the charts but also on the social networks, where she's on a par with Hayden Panettiere in terms of fan-friendliness.

How's It Go?

My Wicked Heart is a bit hit and miss in terms of singalongability - some of the words are easy to fathom, others are harder to make out against the stomping backing track. But it doesn't really matter, because you can ad lib a few woops and whoopsadaisies and turn it into a duet. And that's just fine. If you can't work out the whoopsadaisy bridge - "li li-la-li li-la-lie..." - you really do need help. Call on Ruth Lorenzo - she's been singing it for days.

In terms of the video, there's just about everything you could hope for in a Vickers song. Forget all the arty under-the-sheets stuff; this is a production and an unapologetic one at that. That means plenty of exaggerated facial expressions, lavish costumes and some hot pants that are rather reminiscent of Diana's X Factor Call Me performance.

The Verdict

I hesitate to use the term rip-roaring, but this really is a rollercoaster ride of a song, with ups, downs, singalong parts, dance-along parts, open-mouthed stare-at-the-screen parts and all the rest. I absolutely love the fact that The Vickers seems to record her own backing vocals - so you don't have 'ordinary' voices interfering with her distinctive, kittenish delivery. This is a song all about Diana Vickers, so fans can sit back and enjoy.

Personally, any Diana Vickers is good, but this Diana Vickers is great. The woops are brilliant, the whoopsadaisies - particularly the second one - are pure genius, and My Wicked Heart as a whole is quite possibly my favourite of Diana's upbeat songs to date.

Final Score: 84%

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