Saturday, 11 September 2010

Big Brother's Big DVD The Best Bits: 2000-2010

It's over. It's all over. After a little more than ten years (and 11 summers), Big Brother has come to an end. Are you sad? Are you happy? Do you even care? Well, for those of you who aren't quite ready to let go, there's Big Brother's Big DVD The Best Bits: 2000-2010. The critics aren't exactly raving about this retrospective, but it's really not that bad - I think it's just one for the fans.

The moaners say that this DVD doesn't live up to its title - and they're right. Short montages cover the first four series, and slightly longer montages cover the last seven. The early production date means that Josie's victory and the entire Ultimate Big Brother series are missed out completely, so don't expect the series 11 montage to make a great deal of sense.

The real value in this DVD - which, at £5.99 on Amazon, is far from overpriced - comes from the three full programmes included. Titan the Robot gets his moment of fame once again, the wiggly-wire electrocution game appears in full, and the original bedsit task is included. There's not much time dedicated to the first four series, so if you're looking for a mushy remembrance piece, this is not the collection for you.

Personally, I expect there'll be another DVD - possibly a boxed set - in the months to come, but the value of this one is in those three full episodes and the rare chance to relive some of the classic moments from the series in real time, rather than solely through montages.

Big Brother Series DVDs

If you're looking for Big Brother DVDs that give the earlier series more coverage, here's the rundown:

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And the Special Achievement Award goes to...

Charlie Brooker's Dead Set deserves to be here. There are plenty of Big Brother-inspired horror movies around, but Dead Set was really something of an event - and actually stands up well to the test of time. Authentic behind-the-scenes scripting makes this seem like a zombie-filled documentary, while cameos from Big Brother contestants and Davina herself add a fun element to what is, at times, a genuinely scary mini-series.

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