Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Tired Pony - The Place We Ran From

Let's not be coy here. I've been eagerly anticipating this release - more than any other for a long time - and I'm not gonna waste any time in saying that, now it's here, The Place We Ran From certainly does not disappoint.

Despite the plethora of stars in the line-up, I was waiting for the full version of Get On The Road. Zooey Deschanel features also on Point Me At Lost Islands, but for me Get On The Road is one of the absolute pinnacles of this album.

High Points

Wow... I mean, I don't know... I'm an absolute sucker for music that sounds like they really mean it. And that's what you have here, from start to finish. Every word sounds like the sweet talking of a lover in the night. I'm not even going to try and pick out parts that are better than the rest.

The Verdict

Right. It's pretty clear that I love this album. But then, I have waited weeks just to hear it. I'm fully aware that I may be being just a little subjective on this one. So, objectively, let's see what I can say.

The songs that are on The Place We Ran From are a fine example of collaboration between different artists who might otherwise never have worked together. This album is largely a showcase for the vocal performances of the different individuals who make up Tired Pony. But it is also more than the sum of its parts - there is a distinct sound here which is likely to prove unique to this album. I can only assume that this exact combination of artists is unlikely to occur again.

So I suppose what I'm saying is, although this is by no means the ultimate, perfect album, its merits - and its unique merits, at that - significantly outweigh its negative aspects. The score I am about to give to it reflects that fact, and I stand by it.

Final Score: 87%

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bobble said...

Half a year later and this album's seeing me through a cold but bright January morning - I'd forgotten just how good it is. Moved almost to tears within the first three minutes and feeling properly uplifted and emotional. This really is the way good music should be.

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