Saturday, 19 June 2010

The Chap - Well Done Europe

Well Done Europe is the fourth album from London-and-Berlin-based prog-pop surrealists The Chap. Carrying on from where they left off on 2008's Mega Breakfast, Well Done Europe is another collection of pop oddities and electro weirdness, all overlaid with The Chap's trademark stilted half-sung half-spoken vocals.

There is no time for the uninitiated to acclimatise here, as we leap staight in to opening track 'We'll See to Your Breakdown' with its sparse beat backing track carrying the deadpan chorus "You will never have a job / You will never have lunch in this town again / We’ll see to that ‘cos we hate you".

But fear not, 'Even Your Friend' next up is an upbeat poppy number, which is about as accessible as the band ever get. And the single 'We Work in Bars' carries on the summertime vibe. If The Chap could put out an album of these, coherent, short, punchy indie-pop songs there's no knowing what they might have achieved now in terms of commercial success.

That's not really the point though, and as the rest of the album shows, they really can't help themselves. 'Well Done You' sees tongues firmly in cheeks, with it's succession of motivational platitudes thrown at the listener, while 'Nevertheless, The Chap' is one of the most strangely compelling and catchy songs you're ever likely to hear.

The Chap aren't always easy going, but why should they make it easy for you? Where's the fun in that?

Final Score: 79%

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